this is the cottons blog. welcome (again).


It’s been a while.

How are you going?

You may have been under the impression that we completely neglected this blog, and the fact of the matter is– we totally did neglect it (oops). BUT we are bringing it back baby- YAY! 

We’d like to introduce you to our fabulous new Cottons writer extraordinaire; Averil (or as her mates affectionately call her- Av The Sav)!  She is a year into studying her Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine at Southern School of Natural Therapies, and is super passionate about women’s health and well being.

*pause for excited crowd clapping* 

This is Averil eating a pizza, which is clearly making her super happy!

What you should know about Av: 

  1. Self-care is very important to her, always making an effort to practice self-care daily. 
  2. A lot of things make Averil happy, and in spite of her various food-related intolerance, it’s food that always brings her joy!
  3. She loves to travel and explore- it helps inspire and connect her with new experiences, people and perspective.

So, throughout this blog series, Avs will be talking to us about a range of different things- from personal anecdotes about her experiences with Endo (endometriosis), chats with some fabulous women who inspire her (and who will absolutely inspire you), PMS playlists to get you out of your PMS-ness, through to deliciously healthy recipes that are good for your tum AND insta-worthy. 

We wanted to kick off this come-back-blog-post with 30 songs that have been especially curated by Averil for you as your first PMS Playlist. We’ve got some Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Beyoncé (duh), Kate Nash, Mariah Carey and sooo many more boss babes.


Cottons PMS Playlist:

What kinds of songs do you listen to when you’re experiencing the ups and downs of PMS?