This month, to kick off our ‘Interviews With People Who Inspire Us’ we chatted to our fav local Pilates guru and all round cool girl Cat Webb. With Women’s health, self-love and self-care always on the agenda, we also talked about a finding a movement practice and donuts. Oh! And she’s a bad ass business woman with a brand spanking new studio. Good Times ahead…

So Cat, how did you find Pilates? Or did it find you?

I didn’t always live a fit life. But I found Pilates when I was 27 and it was a form of exercise that I really enjoyed and motivated me to keep coming back. Coming back to exercise isn’t something I had done before. When I felt the benefits of having a regular movement practice it really changed me.

I decided after 8 years in the fashion industry my core values weren’t really aligning with the industry I worked in. So, I took a leap of career faith into health and fortunately for me it’s worked!

What kind of movement practice do you teach?

Look, Pilates is just the thing that I do. What’s more important to me is empowering people to move no matter what form of practice or exercise that is. I find that if people are learning new ways to connect to their bodies, their community and surroundings then I’ve done my job.  

Health means different things to different people, how has your approach to your own health changed since working in your industry?

Well I like to think of health now as a bio-psycho-social model. You’ve got the bio which is your anatomy; Psycho which is mental health; and the social interactions and connections. So my views of health are very holistic. I try my best to address those three aspects.

In my industry burn out is something that happens a lot and I’ve experienced it before. I found an integrative health practitioner that really helped me to understand why my body was feeling a certain way. Now I’m able to tell when I need particular supplements or have to address anything.

When it comes to health there’s no recipe that works for everyone. Finding what works for you is important and empowering also.

Really, like everyone, I’m just trying my best. Doesn’t mean I don’t eat the donuts!

So what’s in your fridge at the moment then?

I think there’s wine and some quince paste haha!

Oh! And kombucha! See I can be healthy.

Lets talk period.

I have a relatively short period, but I get really bad cramps and lower back pain. The whole general pelvic area just feels super tight- so I really like to do swan pose. You lie on your tummy with your hands flat on the ground by your shoulders and press yourself up. It’s a really nice way to stretch out the front of your body and also release your lower back. Side bending and twisting I also find really helpful to loosen my tight muscles. Any movement that’s flowing and stretching works well for me.

And ya know, Nurofen and heat packs also work a bloody treat for me. Sometimes you need it and when you do its ok.


Do you recommend Pilates when you have period pain?

Yes. Any kind of movement during pain and discomfort is good. Movement is great at releasing, but it also has the ability to strengthen you. Leaning into a bit of discomfort is fine, this way you’ll know what’s working for you that day. I know it can be uncomfortable and almost scary, so you just do your version of things at your pace.

But also, just do what feels good. 

Is there a particular aspect of women’s health that you feel needs to be addressed?  

I think just keeping the general conversation about women’s health flowing and celebrating it. I’m a very open person and try to normalise as much as I can.

Talk about how you’re feeling. Be vulnerable even though its scary. It just creates deeper connections and meets all aspects of a holistic approach.

Talk to me about your new studio! Yay!

I love when older people come into the studio and tell me that they’re not going to be very good, but the thing is, the aim isn’t to be good. The aim is just to rock up. I’m trying to make this as approachable as possible and I want it to be fun. That’s why I named my studio Good Times. It just doesn’t have to be so serious. Social interactions, connections and movement is what it’s about.  

Any last words?

Eat the donuts if you want to. How much physical space you take up in the world has no impact on your worth as a human.


You can have a good time with Cat at Good Times Pilates

5/19-35 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy Victoria 3065


Images by Jess Kneebone from Jak IG @jesskneebone