The criteria for a good podcast is vast and really has to suit what you’re feeling.

Inspiration, perspective, story-telling, opinion, information, laughter or when you just need to tune out from whatever is going on in your world- there’s a podcast for you.

This month, we’ve compiled a list of some of the many podcasts we’re listening to and loving. Go forth and then be that person that says “so I listened to this podcast recently…”


Style like U : What’s underneath– society and culture

Stemming from their hugely successful Youtube series What’s Underneath; the mother daughter duo behind Style like U delve deeper into the inner workings of their guests. Always covering topics like body image, self-worth, empowerment and reflection- their podcasts reach parts of the inner you that should be celebrated or nurtured with a little TLC.


TED Radio Hour on NPR- society and culture

I love me a TED talk; but the TED radio hour is the holy grail of talks. NPR has taken all of the TED talks about one subject and created one hour of gold. Hosted by Guy Raz, he interviews the speakers, experts in their field and others for their experiences and insights.

Best listened to: on your commute or whenever you have an hour to yourself.


Radiolab- natural sciences

Categorised under Natural Sciences and with solid 30-60min episodes- prepare to go deep and to places you really didn’t expect. Covering topics such as reproduction, answering the ‘Big Little Questions’, nuclear weapons and stories about career transformation to name the very few.

Best listened to: when you just need a little escape over a tea or coffee and mindless scrolling.


Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen- self help

So, this isn’t really one Id listen to on my train ride to work. These episodes are about connection with self and that connection should be honoured with your undivided attention.

Titles like “Is stress killing your boner?” and “Six things Men need to know about sex with Women” shouldn’t make you feel like this is another flippant magazine article. The sexologist gets real and to the point. NSFW

FYI- if you’re not a listener but her topics resonate with you, she also has a blog!


The Melissa Ambrosini Show – self help

The list on this podcast is looonnnggg and that’s what we love. Labelled as a show to “fuel your body and soul” you can bet the topics range; from unblocking, reducing stress and anxiety, stepping into your brilliance and learning to trust yourself. Episodes should be listened to when you’re in the mood just get shit done or need that extra lift.


Science VS. Gimlet media- Science and Medicine

I couldn’t do a podcast article without giving a shout out to this gem and personal favourite by Gimlet Media: Science VS. Debunking issues from obesity, detoxing, vaccination myths and UFOs- narrator Wendy Zuckerman is engaging and the episodes are seriously entertaining. Listen on your commute to work; when you’d rather not obsess about the meeting with your boss you have that afternoon.


All Being Well Yoga and Mindfulness- Health

Episodes focused on wisdom, philosophy, wellbeing and natural health- this podcast is so warm and comforting to listen to. Kayla Robertson’s interviews are about connection as well as being informative. Best listened to when there is no one else around and it’s just time for you.



The list

Dirty John – Crime. If you haven’t been living under a podcast rock; do yourself a favour.

Where should we begin- Relationships

Terrible, thanks for asking- Society and Culture

Bang on, Double J- Society and Culture

The Rewatchables- TV and Movies

Invisibilia NPR- Science and Medicine

Film spotting- film and television

Dr Karl on triplej- Science and medicine