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Sometimes we struggle with getting in ’the zone’. You sit at your desk and literally EVERYTHING is a distraction; your phone, your computer, the little piece of fluff you can see at the top of your notepad. We have compiled some awesomely simple tips for you to get your head in the (inspo-)game!

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Stay Healthy:

Drink a glass of water: sounds simple enough? Research suggests that drinking a tall glass of water as soon as you get out of bed will help fire up your metabolism, flush out toxins and give your brain fuel!


Move and sweat:  exercising in general boosts your mood and helps increase your brain function! Increased heart-rate, means your brain gets more oxygen, and it’s been proven that as little as 20 minutes of exercise daily can make a world of difference for your brain’s memory and information processing.


Sleep right: there’s no doubt getting in your 8 hours of sleep has a plethora of benefits for your mind and body. When you get enough rest, you’ll stay focused on the things that make you happy!


Plan Your Day:

Top 3 tasks: the key here is to prioritise. Identify 3 tasks you want to achieve that day and do them! Keeping it simple allows you to stay focused on your work and keeps you realistic for the day ahead.


The 50/10 rule: work for 50 minutes, and take a 10 minute break. Doesn’t this sound amazing? This breaks up your day and keeps your eyes on the inspo-prize.


Reflect daily: take 10 minutes at the end of your day to reflect and self-evaluate. This helps put things into perspective, stay on track with your goals, learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes!


Keep Learning:

Read: reading increases your knowledge and in turn keeps you focused and inspired!


Browse: watching tutorials, conducting your own research and gathering information increases your creative capabilities.


Brainstorm: brainstorming can be a creative gold mine! The biggest benefit of brainstorming is the huge amount of ideas that can be generated at once.


Focus On What Makes You Happy:

Express gratitude: expressing gratitude brings a wonderful sense of fulfillment and is a great way of staying positive.


Clean your desk or work space: a tidy desk boosts your energy at work and keeps you inspired, as well as letting you focus on the tasks that need to be done.


Treat-yo-self: set some time aside to do what makes you happy. Whether that’s hanging out with your friends and family, going for a walk, playing with your pets or simply having a Netflix n’ Chill session- this keeps you balanced and inspired!